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Aaron Colantti - Ideas

Peter Korhonen - Captain Riptide

Skorpian V - Administrator

Erik Korhonen - Terraformer

Matt Litwin - Dope Murals

Uriah Lynch - City Kid

Cole S - Tardigrade

Jake Mhyre  - Travel Bus

Shane D - Daddy Buffins

Matt Rucinski - Professor Workshop 

Emily Koester - Deep City Research

Martin Zanotti - Hall Monitor

REX - Welder

Jordan Mullin - Energizer Bull / Workshop

Andrew Siess - Professional traveler

Lizzy Lincoln- Science Department

Steve Eigenmann - Space Man Steve

Libby Frank - Town Rep

Adrian Nofzinger - The Slayer

Devin B - Biker Babe

Clair Johnson  - Water Snake Wrangler

Will  Y - Security. 

 Mike R - Nice Guy

Lucia V - Fish Lady

Oliver Kronmiller  - St. Paul Syndicate 

Lucas Voges - Accounting 

Noah- Flex 

Ryan Carl - The Reeper

Grace Kelevra - Post-Structural Engineer

Chris Hutton - The Equalizer

Maddy Boler - International 

Keegan Casper - Wood Gathering

Rob KS - Art

Michael O - Dookie Ranger

Jenna Schmitzzz - Cat Shepard



Official Bike Team of Midwest Love :

2015 Italy Bike tour


Andrews Great Adventure 

the youngest person to circumnavigate the globe on foot. 

Between 2011 and 2015 Midwest Love/ the Idea Factory teamed up with Andrew Siess of Saint Paul, Minnesota to help make him real-time map of his journey that people could follow online. 


With a short delay depending on how fast we could get the footage from him as he walked, the website showed his video journals as he walked. 

In 2015 Andrew Siess became the youngest person in history to walk around the planet. These are a few videos from the website: 

Behind da Scenes 2013 

Preview for AMA on Aug 10th 2014 at www.reddit.com/r/iama.

Behind the scenes in Mongolia

Behind the Scenes 2



Adventure Team - 'SUNDAY MORNING' 

Macaroni Party in Fairbanks AK  

Free Pancakes! May Day 2014

Splash sponsored road trip.