'Underground Network Alternative Communication' 


Being dominant is a funny thing. I assume every person is dominant in their own way. Sometimes dominance comes from the ability to communicate and sometimes dominance comes from force but it will eventually fall onto the person or thing that this is most beneficial for the shared reality.

A chair with 6 legs is stronger than a chair with 4 for the simple reason that the pressure does not fall on one leg to keep it standing. There are no winners because we are all in this together. To be a governing force you have to accept help and you have to give help. You need to accept that you are nothing without them. Maybe I am not dominant but I’m not pathetic either. I have worth on my own and the people around me make me strong.

Without people to back you up and stand over your shoulder we would all be dead. We all need love. We all need food. We all need a community.

What's more dangerous? A thing that could be proved impossible instantly or a thing that could be proved impossible instantly that has the full extent of the law protecting it. Not to mention a few hundred thousand dollars.

I would take the latter, just to be blunt. I am not the government and I don’t think money buys happiness, but like Kendrick Lamar said, ‘money trees are the perfect place for shade.’ and if I learned anything from rap stars it’s that anything is possible.

Everything is possible. This is a free place to speak how we feel or I wouldn’t have gotten this far. I don’t know what it is like for other people but I know that the sooner someone can verify some of these thing, the easier it will be for the whole world to deal with the way it is, sort it out, and be adults about creating an environment that is beneficial for everyone.

-Aaron Colantti