'Underground Network Alternative Communication' 

Dig This

So dig this, I think I made myself clear. In not gonna stop being weird and I’m not gonna stop talking or shut down completely but at the same time I think I overstayed my welcome here. There ain’t nothing here for me really. I’m not mad, I was scared for a while. I’m still scared but really things aren't that bad for me. I’m just making them bad by not following my dreams however cheesy that sounds and I still have a lot of dreams and things I want to do before I die and if i’m not helping to grow the community or helping to be part of a family then I don’t want to be here. I don’t have a purpose here. It’s nothing personal, I doubt anyone really cares but I scan facebook everyday. I imagine if I were someone else scanning the feed and came across one of my posts or comments. Even if I thought it was weird I think I would read it. Like when I wrote 5 ideas a day. I don't know how many people read them or if any one read any  of them but I think some people did, sometimes, read them. Some people never I never met, some people I did. My point is only that I want to keep writing I want to keep doing stuff and painting and driving around until I find something that matters to me. I guess i'm a little bit of a narcissist or at least I know i sound like one sometimes. But fuck you! I do stuff. I have a pivotal role in my little piece of the world and that piece will follow me wherever I go because in the end, it’s all we have.

Do we all die alone? In the end after our eyes are closed and the ones we love fade away and your heart slowly stops beating. Do you still have thoughts? And at that point, will that be what you are, alone? I don’t know. I don’t think so. I think we could always theoretically be revived or talked to. But where are we thinking if not in this body? Maybe it’s not this body that makes you think.

But really I guess that is how it is. Evolution is real. Death is real. Infinity is real...

I’m gonna chase my dreams like that overzealous poster on my elementary school wall said.