'Underground Network Alternative Communication' 

U sho

He truly does have the highest clearance in the city. That is, when there's a live game running. 
He is the original gangster. Started at the top now he's at the bottom. Stuck in a time warp. Every time he leaves the blue world, or the immediate proximity someone with a live game in the system, the red world can snatch him up and bring him to jail or a hotel room with poison gas hallways. They can trap him for as long as it takes for the map to say he may be expected in the blue world again. He is poisoned and examined but until the computer says our generations group has lost its head, he can not be killed or kept out of the blue world but they can try to deter him. That is the rank of the irishman. This is represented by gold or white on the map. This is a tough life. Many jobs will not hire someone with as much knowledge of the system as him.