'Underground Network Alternative Communication' 

Super Blast 52

The world from which they were fighting has plummeted into a an ice age and now our world will be allowed to live past the mayan prophecy of the 52nd super blast from space when the whole city lit up with purple signally an SOS please save our planet by blowing it to smithereens. Ya we did it alright, this is the third and most dangerous bridge in time. Yes time. We made it. We made it because our system had enough money to bet our way to the tippy tops of the blue world, literally buy the game and send the Vikings back home on their wooden ship. What SOS? What are you talking about. This world isn't asking for your help. We don’t want to die.

And yes some of us are still unaware. On many levels. We are all traumatized from this. But maybe it’s over now and we can stop playing pretend.

I really hope shit works out for me. I put a lot of work in to trying to figure out what's going on. I love you all and am sorry i acted like such a fool pushing my best friends and opportunities away from me. Something will happen. I just hope I'm somewhere close to the end.

Or just a few months past it.