'Underground Network Alternative Communication' 


Skorpian has lived for one million lifetimes because he worked for the red army for so long. He has the one of the highest clearances of the red because the prophecy of the computer has computed that his band will one day be honored in the galactic hall of fame.

To fight evil he goes to places where bad things would happen and uses his millionth lifetime powers to cast protection and illusion spells as camouflage to the red lord. He has lived so many lifetimes that he has senses that neither I nor any man could understand. The map of the world is inside his mind and across his vision like a space suit.

He has seen this world smother one billion times before, but now, for the first time in three reps of a trillion we are closer to victory than ever. This will be the last time the evil red lord tricks us all and turns our consciousness in to batter.

He has been punished severely for his help bringing my points to a mathematical certainty. But now that I know we must band together and fight evil by bringing down the government of oil that runs this country.

Sadly this army has been slightly confused since its a secret army and most of them still don’t know who the one with the key is. This is because of the deep saturation of delusion that is rampant inside the culture of the red. Like a game of telephone changed slightly at every rank.

I followed directions and worked with my team to devise a plan, to overthrow the most evil section of the government of the red from inside the world of the blue. There are different crews in the red world, the artist crew, the scientists, the cooks, the sexy people, the beer junkies, and the rock hoppers.

Outside of the world of the blue many amazing things exist.