'Underground Network Alternative Communication' 


I was not born into this life of war. I was a trust fund kid trying to make my own startup. A start up in a zoo that was pinned against me from the moment I first tried to have that concert. They put me into acoma and rushed me to the hospital for 3 weeks.

Some of you remember this. It was at the Kangas’s.

It was when the pizza arrived.

I remember walking to the slices, then passing out.

The next thing I knew I weighed 70 pounds and the surgeons were peering over me trying to communicate that this surgery was a dangerous procedure and I may die.

The magical prophecy, the virgin mary. The key to life. The BIG DOG.

And you laugh like its not true. And of course, that would make sense.

But then again, none of this really makes any sense. That is, unless you were me, and you went through as many years of intergalactic warm up classes as I did. Yes. I did study at the intergalactic academy, and yes, they did give me a high clearance to, if needed, tour red facilities across the country. And yes, some of this stuff they are talking about, in this world, is true. Yes they do kill enemies of their secret government and yes they do believe that shortening the life of the planet and killing animals with a higher weight gives you more power. They believe all sorts of weird things. But they are only attempting to cover up the truth to how the world really is.

It is not a big room of stairs and passageways that all lead back to here. It is only a trap.

They have a counterfeit version of the larger computer system inside the reality of earth.

On earth, they have taken the rules and directions that were once common knowledge and morphed them into a tumorous lie.

They explain it like a horse race. The deepest ancestry and longest family line will take the cake. But in this reality the cake is the dirt that your body turns into after it rots. The horse race that is REALLY happening is a intergalactic race of energy. The computer poses the question, which WORLD will make the most energy. Which planet will have the longest life thus generating a longer run time for the system that we are inside.

The entire planet is our family. That is our team.

So since the beginning of time they have been telling people to protect their family line, not the earth. Use as much energy as you can because that will give you a higher priority.

They tell you, don't be red, suck my dick and I will give you more money. Thats how you turn red people back into blue people. And if you don't suck my dick, just go drive a truck filled with cement to the top of a mountain and drink an energy drink. Now you should be good.

They have morphed the reality of the world in to some sick game with which to shut our entire planet off.

The funny thing is, their planet, has already died. Or did it.

So what exactly was the purpose of what I was learning?

It is the proof. We hold the evidence.