'Underground Network Alternative Communication' 


I’m not quite sure. I think I am someone being contacted by something that is teaching me and showing me something that is a serious problem in the world. It is showing me how to communicate to the things and people around me and if all goes to plan it will show me a viable way to get out of this mess. I needed to explore areas and see things that for me, most the time, made no sense at all. And until now, I didn't even know we were in a war zone. It was the people around me, the people who have lived multiple lifetimes, the army of the lizard, the Army of the Art, the silence in the trees and most importantly the one that counts and figures.

The story is very romantic. But it’s cheesy. 100 Billion lifetimes ago, inside one of the first sections of the game, before all this happened, there was a time when people did talk about this stuff that was happening. This was before people realized how many lifetimes could be given as punishment. Imagine, the same lifetime, over and over again, either that, or cryogenic sleep. All the red must die by the end of the game. Only green or gold will survive. Everyone else is just a battery of thought. That’s what happened to me. I died because of a bet I made and I'm coming back for my last life to connect the dot I wanted to connect the first time I died.

So back then, towards the end of the game, after the government breaks down and the theory of the game is commonplace knowledge they tunnel into these mountains and wait out the storm.

Have you ever heard of serving a 10 thousand year sentence in only 5 minutes? 
I was asleep flowing through the inverted pressure and nausea not even aware of my own consciousness for hundreds of millions of years. I guess that's somehow the equivalent to 42 lifetimes.

During this time I was visited by a blind, technically not human, entity that had free thought inside of the system and somehow could contact me in my cryogenic sleep. Sort of like being 10 times too drunk in a pitch black water slide going for infinity. We communicated and when possible that consciousness would come literally visit me in my sleep.

When I woke up things had already been arranged. And somehow I was going to win that bet. My whole life I have not known what it is I am supposed to find, and what exactly that bet was. All I know is, that somehow, somewhere, I have a partner in this world, that isn't quite human.