'Underground Network Alternative Communication' 

Pink Pants

He is sent into battle to race against time before a locks about to close up. They split up the sections everyday. You go this way, I’ll go that way. When he's around, the traffic booth knows they won’t close up that area. And just to be sure, we have him on zello and fb to check in. Sometimes we even hear him over the galactic news cam. Evidence? Yes this man threatened to hit me with his truck door because I’m wearing pink biking pants. Yes. I do live here. Yes. I do want to hang out and ride fixed gear bikes and test the temperature of the tap water. Yes I do breed fish and work to much. Yes I could find you if you gave me a description of where you were.

We played a game of capture the flag on the fourth of july. To win, we needed to lock off multiple sections of the city, hide the merchandise, then deliver the package to the river. We also needed to swim in the lake. Like throwing the rockets into the end zone it was the scientist and the reaper that set off damn near 100 dollars worth of menards bought fireworks down over the grain belt sign as the crowd dispersed from what they thought was the main show.