'Underground Network Alternative Communication' 


You wanna fuck around? We don’t cherry pick up in this bitch but if you wanna go, we will take the whole order. 
Dogs? Ya we can do that. Human shield, gladiator death match, breaking into locks and drinking patron. Bullet proof arms, the whole shebang. We activate him just to warn people even thinking about doing something. When he walks into the room, he sees with heat sensor vision and can detect any object that could be considered a weapon, how easily it could be acquired and how to properly erase that possibility.

When it rains, they cover it. There is too much energy. The aerodynamics of his jaws and forehead are bred for one thing, complete physical dominance. We don’t need to send him into battle, he sends himself in to battle. He likes the underworld. And maybe, that's the reason he doesn't cherry pick, because that's how you can never be defeated.

Every once and a while they hold these deathmatches in red locks around the city. Every team has a fighter. The fights are in basements and parking lots and even sometimes in the middle of football fields. These fighters are traded and treated just like professional athletes, then go about their daily life as if these fights never took place. The fights can be as vicious as beating a man to a pulp on the ground or as simple as knocking them out. But eventually in the land of the dog, the fights become serious and the death of fighters is expected.

For 6 lifetimes of undefeated combat he now fights for the Army of the Art and is expected to enter a match sometime in the next few years, ever since his recent victory against the old red state oil refinery team. It is considered the main sport inside of the underworld so he is kind of a celebrity. But don’t let that fool you. Just because he isn't fighting in the matches, doesn’t mean he's not working. This is the new government. This is, The State of the Art.