'Underground Network Alternative Communication' 

Madeline Clouds 

She has been alive for 42 lifetimes. She has the cutest feet imaginable, the way she walks and plays with the energy. For my whole life she tended me while I slept. In a world of isolation she supported me at pivotal moments during my journey through the world in a bubble i had no idea I was in.

I first saw her in the thunderstorm on weeks avenue. In my head I thought, ‘I’m going to marry that girl in the floral dress.’ In her head she thought, ‘I think there's a fire over there.’ I climbed up the light pole and lighting came crashing down. Dark clouds breathed like a giant seashell and the air was thick.

She let me sleep on her couch and take hot showers.

And even though I was asleep for all those years, it doesn't mean I wasn’t there. It’s like a 27 year long meditation course just to determine how best to be apart of this world. But even then, 42 lifetimes is a lot. That's a lot of stuff to handle. Thats alot of time to fill.

She was so jaded after 1428 years of repeat life that she was certain that there was no such thing as true love.

She thought to herself upon her 41st life's end, ‘let me live once more, let me experience love one more time and I will give this blue world a try.