'Underground Network Alternative Communication' 


A spy sent to gather information for one of the art squads in the city. Posted at one of the most pivotal and dangerous walls in the country. Inland but still subject to the giant wind and rain generators booming down the river from canada. She has a collection of different disguises. To catch a glimpse of her eyes is a rare sight but when you do, she has 20/20 vision with which to paint the most beautiful watercolor landscapes anybody has ever seen. Uhh ohh your in trouble, and then bang, before you know it, there she is, behind a make shift bar at a backyard party or at your house holding up the roof during a wind generator downpour.

The cops were closing in on us. They had a blockade two locks back. They had already taken their police rafts across the pass in an attempt to flush us out. Their plan was to pull us over on the way out, acquire the map, and leave us in a ditch. That's when Gertrude showed up. Ya, we can just take the river then. She didn't even have to be catty, the cops knew she had found the loophole in their plan. They thought to themselves,

How do you pull someone over in a canoe fort?