'Underground Network Alternative Communication' 


Cyborg of security with low contrast vision and an Army of the Art badge clearance that is among the second highest teer along with skorp and the drummer of black sabbath, even dead artists are part of this squad. He knows all the secret dirt paths, short cuts, addresses, locations and history of everything in the entire world. Everything. When we go on missions he is ten steps ahead of the mountain cat that was thinking about stalking us. When we build a dam, it’s an arch. When we build a bridge, it is a tree on its side like a majestic statue. When a cat eats his portion of sausages, he shrugs his shoulders and says, that cat was me.

We wear sunglasses and talk in code. Nothing gets passed without his knowledge and nothing but determination has kept him going since he fell down the hole of the Army of the Art and was pinned in a unending hole of, go to Oregon. The trail man.

He was the first person to break out of a system like ours. From a different dimension plagued by the same cancer as ours. The quest to destroy their planet. It is a lizard planet with sensations similar to ours but different. He was the first person to make it out, and now he is here, in our world, to help us to do the same thing. Free ourselves.