'Underground Network Alternative Communication' 

Captain Riptide

Green, 4 life times young - he's an active scientist for the army of the wisconsin tunnel research facility in a top secret location connected by tunnels and passageways in different areas in the land.

One of the research facilities even has an underground train that can bring you back and forth from one facility to the other. He spends most of his time teaching. He teaches secret classes to the professors of the colleges and other institutions that are in need of his help.

He studies in his sleep and has a secret clearance in both the Red Army of the Art and the United States Military secret forces clearance branch. Molecular dissection, calming spells, science remedies, camping level 2 and biking level 10 black belt ninja. He came from another world before this one. But as everyone here has found out, once your here… your pretty much stuck.

Captain Riptide is the captain of A team and is currently on break in snowy Moab. They are visiting a secret bunker in the the side of a cliff where the red army of art rescued a small zoo of armadillos. They live in exile inside of a mountain side zoo that cost the Army of the Red 4 million dollars and is staffed by the oldest man in the country, the armadillo zoo keeper. He will only tour the facility. He will not stay. It is advised that we give the red army a good 4 day period to get the new information through their ranks and recognize that yes in fact, I am not a snake, I am the president of the Red.

Hopefully he will get home safe. Shit is pretty windy out there, but Riptide has excellent subliminal communication skills and can communicate without speaking to most anyone in the world.