'Underground Network Alternative Communication' 

Aisle Stalker

My friend got a job at a grocery store. He stalked the aisles and every few days or so would help unload the truck. The guys unloading the truck had all these fancy watches and super cool hats and shiny shoes and stuff so one day the aisle stalker asked them how they made all their money. They told him, you can come work for us, but then you will never know when your shift is over. It just happens, you just work for us, we give you cool stuff, then one day, just like that, you will be free to do whatever you want with 1 million watches and 1 million cool hats and all the shiny shoes you could ever wish for.

So he went to work for the truck unloaders. They brought him to a basement somewhere where he was a butcher, then every day, he would unload the truck. The trucks contained not only meat and groceries, but also many other different things as well. Sometimes he would deliver TV’s, sometimes live animals, sometimes he just unloaded rocks. As his time working for them progressed and he began to meet people and was transferred over to a different section where they began to craft an alternative life for him. They tailored a new job and world for him to occupy, but all the while he was thinking… am I still working, or is this my life?