'Underground Network Alternative Communication' 

Knocked Up

Here is the story.

A cloud got knocked up into the sky. I got a few thousand balloons to bring me up there and see what it was doing. It said. Leave me for I will die if i go with you. So I left. When I came back to see the cloud later that year it was all fat and dirty. It was fat because it was knocked up so high. It was dirty because no one cared for it.

I said to the cloud, do whatever you want but I have my own cloud now. Now it has gone too far and there is no turning back. I already came up here and told you. This is the fork in the road. Sometimes things change. Like now. This is that pivotal moment and when that moment is over, I’m coming back up here with a blimp and we are all going to make our case. We already told you what was happening. You said you knew more than everybody. You said it was too dangerous. You said I’m the boss and I don't care what you think.

So after that we sued the cloud and I got half custody. And for the rest of her many lives that cloud was stuck in the sky alone.  Because one time, she didn't listen to the dude who flew up into the sky on a few thousand balloons to save her.