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Part I - The Wastelands of Lockdown

Part I - The Wastelands of Lockdown

I met this girl who has been alive for 42 lifetimes. She has lived on repeat in this game for 1428 years. I just found out she has always had boyfriend in the red game which is a group of nomadic hooligans that work as essentially actors in this world like the Truman show.


They are the ones that know. They are the ones pulling the strings. They are paid in drugs, cash or game play time. They give people hope. They give people their time and attention but are forced under penalty of death to never speak of the secret land of the red in which they reside. They have different jobs such as truck driver, cooks, escorts, bodyguards, drug dealers and trappers.

They live in different locations on set pretending to be different characters like hotel patron or campside group but they might actually be protecting a family on set that still has a strong ancestry or some valuable resource to someone's program. They have lived so many lifetimes that they do things we couldn't even fathom just to survive. It is a different sort of life to be banished to the red world. Inside the red world, no one comes out alive…

That is, of course, unless somehow, you make your way back into the blue game.

Once upon a time they lost their chance to be apart of society. This can happen by losing your way on drugs, crime, abnormality, mental illness or even being too good at art or gardening to efficiently. Even talking about or knowing about it became a crime. They were forced into different sections, divided by highways, sectioned on to different floors at work and given their breaks at the same time every year. They give us the illusion there are many more people in this country than there really are.

They keep the red group far away from the ones that still obey, working for the corporations that cram their bodies into tiny cubicles contorting their bodies and spending their money to ship items back and forth on interstates and planes to further their reach with an army sent from hell.

The game is simple. Give people lives, grow them to be fat, suffocate the entire planet then harvest their consciousness and matter for energy.

They control the flow of money and have millions under their rule. They run drugs. They hide their wife's across the country, convince people to absurd things and purchase items based solely on the idea that this is actually the state of the planet.

In the red world people are literally locked in cages, chained to walls, have giant orgys in the middle of work, and keep people locked in tiny rooms. They do drugs to get their information and eventually crash and burn. And that is exactly what they are designed to do. Banishment.

But also inside this group is a strong subculture of artists, butchers and secret community venues with un accessible and unexplainable libraries of art. This world is filled with knowledge and community. From inside locked areas the red people can speak and do illegal things like in Shredders hang out, as long as they continue to work for the blue world, or stay out of the blue track completely. They can live like this is the only option, because it was.

Without money and ‘time’ from inside the Blue they cannot survive and often eat things like rats to survive.

High ranking officers of the red army have access to a map from which they can watch the blue members operate and move around the board. To get this privilege the secret government needs to verify your allegiance by getting you to purger yourself until you are fully controllable.

These maps can literally detect where each person represented on their map is located, what they are doing, when they are having sex, eating or pooping. They can literally contact any worker through satellite and you can recieve messages in different capacities with the help of many drugs.

From some locations they can even watch you on TV. In bars and on their phone some of the high ranked officers of the red army have different types of maps that can tell you different things and give you different features including communicating mobily to the mind of someone on drugs or with increased sensitivity to these vibrations. They can watch your every movement and orchestrate elaborate plans to get you moved to the red world and potentially take over your spot in the game. Some of them just want to play music. Some of them use their time to take advantage of people and some of them use their time to help. They have many absurd tricks to pull people out of the blue world and become part of their brooding red world order, either that or kill you and eat you. Hopefully you will come back in one of the underworlds. That’s what they tell people so they don’t have to do it them self.

Seriously. People are being harvested like cattle, turned into broth, then put into energy bars and bread. It started as a big problem until the artists came in. The ones who play music for their money and stay in the red world making it a viable place to live. They were the ones that took them down. The major corporations, the factories of death that once ruled The Wastelands of Lockdown, Red Town, where you can be locked up in jail or pissed on just for fun if someone outranks you. It is the land of dogs.

And it was all controlled by one map.

And now,

That map is in our hands.

This is a new Government. This is THE STATE OF THE ART.

It is nothing like the life of someone trapped in the game. Which is what they thought I was. 
But while you were going to soccer practice, attending classes at the University and golfing at the club you didn’t even notice the army of Truckers and Snow Hounds that has already taken control of, if not this entire country, the entire world. Not only the highways and towns, but the most inner workings of our government, all the way up to the president. And it has been going on for years. I mean seriously… do I have to say his name? Did we really elect him?

It is painfully obvious. I would like to see an enemy of the Army of the Red Dog get a job after they had been blacklisted in one of Blue Sections of this fine country. You piss off the wrong people, you go against the wrong guy, you fuck the wrong person and the next thing you know, your kicked off the goddamn boat.

The theory, in essence is in two parts. Part one. The illusion, and part two.

The Truth.

What is their goal? To create an excessive amount of force and energy with which to plummet our planet into the next apocalypse.

But I guess it's fine, like what happened to my 1428 year old, blue boy walker, truman show lover, and best gal friend. The Loops.

After the air becomes too thick to breathe from the f-150s, semi trucks, factories and nutjobs, apparently you can avoid that cryogenic sleep loop if you tunnel underground after the first signs of The Break.

You need to get underground until the air clears up. It's the last chance at life you are ever going to get.

If you're lucky, you’ll make it to that last generation, before the ozone disappears completely from all the holes,

the ones we made.

All that smog and the pressure we created with the cars and trucks, cows, farm equipment, roadways and over passes.

If you out last the smog you can make it a second round with all your memories intact like a rocket scientist trapped in the limited body of a tiny maggot. After 42 lifetimes things get pretty drab.

But in all honesty. The game's been treating me fine. Me and my best friend Peter played a little trick on them and while I racked up points and rose to the top of the scoreboards, he was hiding my stats and giving their the map the stats of his 5 foot long snake.

And now. Just like that. I am the Red Dog. The general of the Army of the Art.

Part II
How did this happen. My ex girlfriend works for the red world.