'Underground Network Alternative Communication' 

All In


Sweet perversions of self, waves of thought, a feeling of true sacrifice and creation, a whirl wind of emotions to be sorted through one drag at a time. A timeline. A sideways tangent that dictates my life. Obligation to a love that flows through dimensions. We are capable of understanding anything if we let our selves. Questing to be loyal to all, as well as the one who has come all this way with me. A galaxy of thought. A galaxy of questions. Accompanied by a song of inspiration we have gone through dimensions to find true love. It is something that can be proven. I guess you knew it all along, but for me, it was different. So fuck it. Im back on the train, hopefully the boat, to Madeline. I want to try something. I want us to try to go physically through dimensions. And experiment of sorts to prove what we all want to know, is this babble something of importance or is it just another person being taken down. I guess we will see. The mission is simple. Relax. Stay happy. Have fun. Eat food. Love each other. Fuck each other. Be fair and do what you can to help the world. This is what I’m going to do: Fuck sideways. Upside down, in bushes and in trees, on balconies and in kitchens, on top of hunting shack and on docks. In roadways and maybe even on a run way for planes. Were gonna prove that we live in a fucking video game by fucking. Because there are three ways up the ladder in this world, sex, drugs, and money. Guess what people, I have them all. 

-Aaron Colantti September 26