'Underground Network Alternative Communication' 

Part One

If you keep your mouth shut, you’ll be surprised what you can learn.”
-John B Maclemore 

I learned this all without talking.
I talked, but I didn’t talk about what I was learning.
If I had, I would be dead.
It was all in secret. They can hear everything we say.
If it was not for the help of everyone that let me pass through this hell hole of a world and everyone that gave me hope, this never would have happened.
People’s lives have been destroyed because of this.
It is for those people that were strong enough to hold me up while they were being taken down that I am writing this.

We live in a computer. 
Part One

Our lives take place inside one of the programs inside a Universe Machine Computer. We have our own world on which we live. It is called Earth. There have been multiple versions of Earth inside this computer, there are also other planets where other creatures live. This game (Planet Earth) is part of a simulated universe that we all live inside. Everything we have ever experienced has happened inside this computer.
There are many Earths and have been many Earths before. You're consciousness is part of this system. You're mind is a code that is contained inside the computer but this does not make you less human or make the people and things around you less real.

Another one of these worlds inside the computer is a reptilian world that has sent people into this game to teach me these things as well as protect me. Our planet is under attack from another planet inside this computer that has found a way to use the rules of the computer against us and is trying to get us to ruin our planet.

It was them this reptilian world that communicated my situation to the people that surrounded me during my life. Some of those people are now dead and being simulated by the machine. It has been like this for my entire life. I was unaware what was happening until about six years ago. 

The Computer:
We power this computer with the energy we make while living inside it. Each world has a score that can be measured by how much matter we produce by being alive. This is what the computer uses to power itself and will reward the world that give it the most power. Each world has a main upper world in which its inhabitants compete for who has the longest game. There are many underworlds where characters from these planets will go when they die. 

All life is monitored and given resources according to their output. Each planet also has underworlds for where our characters will go when they die. 

The main worlds has first dibs on the food and resources that the computer gives us. If you fall into a subsequent world you’re resources and life options will be derived from whatever energy is not used on its top most game and directed by the characters playing on the top game. 

The computer is designed to be directed by your thoughts and actions. It will give you what it thinks you are asking for. An Ancient Evil Alien world is manipulating this process by teaching us how to be afraid and lose sight of our bodily and worldly needs. They deprive us of energy by supplementing it with their own worlds energy and once you get to the point that you would be dead, they stop supplementing and you die and or become controlled by them to further their goal of universal domination. 

If you die in this world, you will start again in a subsequent world that is that has the same physical layout according to the computer. They are literally writing the code for these subsequent games in a way that only allows people of their choosing be recycled back into the main game. In these subsequent worlds your consciousness could become mounted on the wall like a taxidermy deer. They have the power to put people into a farm animals or stalks of corn. This tricks the Universe Machine into thinking that because you are receiving water and food, that you are still ok. But in fact you are not ok. You are a stalk of corn.

They have made a counterfeit world log for the computer to read so that they will not see them as a selfish parasite that is causing our Universe Machine and our Earth to be destroyed. 

The computer is fighting back in a way that has destroyed their worlds possibility for success. Their only hope now is that we will use their propaganda to once again, lose the game with our own hand. They are trying to snuff out the planet with Carbon-Dioxide. 

From the underworlds of any planet, they can monitor the running worlds. They can watch through things things the characters have left behind. They can watch from pictures and logos that the computer says that they own. It is from one of those worlds that they are feeding us the information that is causing us to kill our world. They have taken control of the companies and governments that feed and provide for us.

Forms of government and corporations have rigged it so that people are 100% dependent on their products, ideas, properties and roads making most everybody’s energy output score a zero and thus managed by whom the system thinks they are dependent on. Nestle, Pepsi, Coca- Cola, Quaker Oats and Dog Food Companies like Purina are giving us all of our energy and they are pretending to be our thoughts. The Presidents and Owners of these companies are being controlled. They don’t even know it. Because they have already been transferred to the subsequent worlds below this one either that or they are working for their cause of world domination.

From their world they monitor who is harvesting and growing the food, killing the meat people eat, designing and making the products. It is monitoring the transfer of energy. To control the flow of energy they cannot let control be taken away from these Companies and Governments. They are the Ghost Writers of our lives and communicate with the people in this world convincing them of lies that will help them win the battle the have waged on us.

They have repeated this timeline many times already. They will soon restart this game completely by poisoning all life inside it. Many books or movies suddenly hint at the things I am talking about but no one has outright said that this stuff is actually true. ‘Under control here’ someone told me a week ago, but they cannot speak out because they have already been controlled by the ones they have put in control. They have created an elaborate system to keep the ones who know in control but still under their thumb. The ones who are unaware are kept away from the ones who do.

Artists suddenly scream for help in the lyrics of their songs and reporters are edited to get inline with the agenda of the ones in control. Many people have died and the system that is supposed to regulate it doesn’t know because the ones in power have figured out a way to counterfeit their wellbeing by making a duplicate world that is copying our every move. 

I truly do believe the things. I have witnessed them first hand. I do not know when this will end or how, but I am so sick of being silent. I need speak out. This is war.

Not everyone in the country had the mathematical possibilities that I have had in my life. I have had enough money to buy things all over the place to stay alive. The computer verifies my new family as real and living because our timeline, if carried out, will produce more energy than their world has the mathematical possibility of doing. 

Their only hope is to communicate with people in this world, from their underworld using mental warfare tactics to control our people and destroy our planet. 

They do not have enough resources to keep counterfeiting this world beyond one or two generations from now.

They have not been able to counterfeit my movements because all subsequent worlds are being logged from this one because apparently; I am going to have a baby with my girlfriend who is controlling the bodies of characters that have already died in the game. They have their consciousnesses living in one of the many subsequent underworlds to the verified game of me, my girlfriend and our baby that is in her belly. 
Our game has gotten to a point where even the logs of huge companies are subsequent to ours. This is why I am still alive and they are being forced to help us. If we go, they all go. If our world is erased, this world and all its subsequent worlds will cease to exist and the evil Aliens will accredit our consciousness and use them as batteries. It has been described to me as going through a underground water slide for infinity. We will be conscious but nothing will be happening and we will not have bodies. We will just be. Until they eventually lose their game. Which might take a long time. 

No one here is allowed to talk about the truth. This is the truth. We are dehydrated and they are controlling our thoughts and movements. This is a computer game. They are controlling people and are playing the characters of the people they have killed. 

We can easily break out of this by taking a shower every day and drinking more water, out of glass not plastic. They have oil, They do not have any more water. We need to stop polluting it so we can keep using it. We need to stop using so many oil products and we need to continue living our lives in a more respectful way. 

If you can read this, you are alive. Even if you being controlled already you are conscious of what I am saying and can stop it. You just need to try hard. If this world is destroyed we will all be harvested for the energy we can give them. If you are already in control of someone else's consciousness from one of these subsequent worlds, you are alive. You can stop this from wherever you are by keeping our world alive. 

John B Maclemore was killed for writing about the things I am writing about now. They have erased his manifesto and replaced pieces of a radio show transcript that he wrote confirming what I am talking about.
I believe that I am being followed because of what I am writing. They have even come into my dreams multiple times now to try to stop me. They can be very scary and very loud. They had not done that before I started writing this.

It has only confirmed to me what I have been learning. It has been a long journey and I have been on the run for a few years now, our family is now verified by the subsequent underworlds of Earth. It has taken us awhile to get to this point. I am finally breaking my vow of secrecy and will give this information to the world. Since they can’t kill me, they will try to make people think that I am crazy. 

I know it sounds weird but why can’t we believe in two sciences? The science inside the game and the deeper science beyond the one we all know.

I am sane enough to write this, keep a job, pay bills, to love, to own a house, a car and a computer. I am sane enough to be an honest person and brush my teeth everyday so why would I write that I believe this in a completely sane manner? And for the people who know me, and know that I would not write this unless I had confirmed it to be true beyond just a hunch. Do I sound like a crazy person? I think not!!

If we all try really hard we can prove this to be true. I am hoping that people can publically help me confirm these things. I don’t think any of us want to be in a repeating game where everyone with any good intention is killed to further the power of sick murderous people. It is like the plot of the Matrix except this is not fiction. They are well on their way to killing us all with the air we breathe. They are going to snuff out the entire planet with Carbon-Monoxide. We are are doing it to ourselves.

Their main goal is to release enough Carbon-Monoxide to suffocate the entire planet.

The rule that has saved me thus far is just staying within the laws of our world. Staying where I know I am technically allowed to be and not breaking the law. They can watch your every move, tell you your own thoughts, copy it on their levels then, when the time is right, they can walk into your house and do whatever they want to you. Just to shut you up.

Some people start to see what is happening. They start to see that their thoughts are not completely their own. But this needs to be stopped. That’s when they send someone that you trust to convince you otherwise. They are given the admin account to your mind and can listen to your thoughts then tactfully convince you that you live on a Spaceship or that you are a Witch or a Water Molecule.

If you have enough money or power, they will show you something that you think would be physically impossible. Since you don’t know that this is a computer game you would not know that these simple tricks were only code. Telling the future, telepathy, altering the color or contrast of your sight and more. These are only some of the tricks they use to get you back inline with their plan. But just because they can do things we don’t expect, doesn’t mean that they are telling the truth.

The truth is that we live in a computer game. Our DNA is computer code. We are robots. Earth is a fictional concept but it is real to everyone that lives inside it. That is why it is possible for some to know the future outcomes of football games, stocks, or tomorrow’s weather. 

They do crazy stuff like have wild animals follow or attack people. Our mind is a code that can be written and moved around inside the game. They can do this once they have a dominating control of your character inside the game. 

We are all characters inside this game but that doesn’t make life less valuable or real. We all feel. This does not change. If you die, you really die. Depending on your seniority inside the game; different powers can be gifted. Currently, to acquire these gifts you need to do horrible things. Things that are not only illegal but that will also mess up other people’s games.

Going down:
You start to feel something. Something from whatever it is you were doing when you gave you that clear thought or that vivid dream. You continue doing it. Supplementing your hunger and pain with energy from their system you fade into their world without even noticing. Once this happens, the computer starts to look at your provider’s logs instead of yours. This is where things start to get weird. They start to explain things to you as if it were your own mind. It’s confusing and hard to understand because it comes from inside you. From the energy you ingest or that is around you. They play you like a game.

They talk through prescription drugs, candy, cigarettes and soda pops. They claim to be your own thoughts. It is a form of systematic butchering. Sick manipulations of your own ideas convincing you to purge yourself and control others that might have the opportunity to speak out. Like I do. 

By using people’s own trauma against them they can make you forget why or how you got to the place that you did, continuing your addiction to the things that keep you under their hypnosis. They can give you jobs you wouldn’t have wanted, make you say and write things you didn’t want to say, sell you cars, get you addicted to drugs, give you diseases, sell people for sex, or kill you without anyone noticing.

My friends know what I mean. Most of them are forced on a daily basis to do things they usually would not, just to continue living as well as protect me. Some people know something is off, some have no idea why or what they are doing. I think the vast majority of people do know something but are forced to say nothing.

They can literally be you and give you thoughts as you ingest their food. They can give you dreams or pump ideas into your head as you walk around in your daily life. They have already taken over the people and organizations that we confide in or trust so it just gets easier and easier.

It starts off by convincing you that a person might have harmed someone you love, or whatever concept makes you do what they want. They convince people to molest, rape, or kill each other. They isolate you then can literally replace you with someone else’s consciousness. The computer doesn’t know because your world’s rank is below theirs and is blocked out like the eclipse of the sun.

They can literally put someone else’s consciousness into your body once they own your character according to the computer. But now, it’s too late for them because, I have a baby inside a uterus. 

That is why my game has been verified. In about eight months from now we are going to have a baby. My semen was transferred from one of her characters to another. It is the same person's consciousness but they are different people in this world. She is always snooping on me. Sometimes she is a girl behind the counter at some random store, sometimes she is just a girl walking by on the street. She likes to watch me eat stuff I really like. I guess it’s fine with me, at least someone cares enough to watch me enjoy something.

I have dated her in many bodies. Soon we are going to have a baby. Recently, this year, she has become pregnant. Somehow she put the baby is to one of her other bodies. This is how we tricked the Evil Aliens.

She switches consciousness a lot. She sees a lot of stuff I don’t. The stuff she tells me scares the shit out of me, but I believe her. It is hard for me to imagine, all this crazy stuff about living in a computer and this other ancient Reptilian World that she is from. It is hard to feel monogamous when she keeps switching bodies. My mind doesn’t work like that, it is changing my chemistry but I am starting to get the hang of it. When we kiss I imagine cute things she did and it makes her smile because she can see what I think. We can use thoughts as a language. I am getting better at it but still not very good.

It is hard for me because I do not completely understand who she is or where she is from. It hurts for me to think that she is just continually taking care of me and I have no idea what the fuck is going on. It has taken me a long time to put all this together and I still have a long way to go before I completely understand. But I do love her. I can see the pieces that make her who she is and I love them. I see them in all of her bodies. She is probably the best thing that has ever happened to me. The Evil Aliens think it is their kid, But it is not, it is mine and this can proven with modern medicine.

They have control over the man who already has a kid with her, this will be her second baby as that woman in this game. He does horrible things to stay in power as well as stay unnoticed. He is secretly doing many things to help the Evil Alien’s. He knows the truth as well but pretends to be infected with lies like other people they have filled with their bullshit. Neither him nor the Aliens knew that it was me who impregnated her from one of her other characters. This is what caused things to change. 

I am damn certain that live in a computer. Also I have been shown beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is possible to switch someone's consciousness from person to person. I am certain that certain people can read my thoughts as well as communicate telepathically to others. I swear on my life. The baby stuff remains to be seen. I am still uncertain about it but if you know me, you know I try to always tell the truth. I believe the stuff I am writing but I hope writing this does not offend anyone.

My dad can read my thoughts. A few of my friends can too. I think everybody has the potential but only some are aware of what is actually going on or how to utilize it. Whole conversations can be had in mind only or even toggled between mind and voice. This is how I learned all these things. I am really bad at it, talking telepathically to me has been described as ‘going 2 miles an hour’.

Some drug dealers give people enough energy to boost their powers and are alerted when the police may be on to them or their operation. There are people who do this daily and survive by these tactics. The only question is who talking to them? If this is happening to you, you might be talking to a different person or thing than who you think you are talking to, so BE CAREFUL. I have seen people make bad decisions on the basis that they were clear about the information they were getting. Usually these situations lead to death prison or worse.

Nobody is completely clear about the situation and the ones feeding us these thoughts are really good at getting people to mess up their lives. People get addicted to drugs thinking it is the only way to receive the information that I am talking about. They eat too much sugar, get crappy jobs or have sex with people that have HIV then continue to spread it under a misconception that it is helping people.

Some people are told that they are saving people by raping them. It is a sick demented circle that no one understands thus making it impossible for them to make solid choices in life. You are not invincible and what you do can hurt people. Pain is a real thing. Sadness is a real thing. Don’t hurt people. It is stupid.
But also, you are technically a robot and for me it is hard to accept that we have all been lied to from the moment we were born. It is a scary world and it is getting scarier but we need to stand up and fight or before you know it, all life will be gone.

Ways of Control:
They know what you would or would not believe so they need to change it around for different groups of people. They have a few different major deceit concepts. 

Many companies use the 2 Suns method, claiming that we are on some giant man made space ship that has two suns. Their logos suddenly depict stories they pump through your mind. Two circles over-lapping. Goodwill’s logo is like that. So is a co-op grocery store in Viroqua. Many other groups use this fictional concept as well. They just need to get you to believe something strong enough for you to take the steps to get to the point where they can take control of you. 

Red & Blue. Like the Pepsi Logo. They convince you that there are two worlds, Red and Blue - if you are in the red world you cannot see the color blue. Kendrick Lamar has a song about it. They show you a small bit of the truth then exploit it by telling you that there are only two worlds and that you can help someone you love by entering the red world, or that you need to do a series of things to continue living in the blue world. 

They convince people they need to drink out of only plastic bottles or to only wear certain types of materials. They say that the sun is going to be blocked out or that only some areas are being given real water. They tell people that they need to earn every dime for themselves and to never share. Toothpastes and lotions contain poison that block our skin from excreting water. They convince you to use specific products or only go to certain places or stores. They convince people to never drink water or never use water telling them that it is making them lose the game. 

Airplanes and Airports are literally designed like teaching models to lead you astray. They teach you to think that you are on a spaceship. They say that mountain ranges are the end of the world and that there are only a few specific places that the spaceship dispenses water. They tell people that the red world is from China or Russia. They pin us against each other in hopes of getting us to kill each other. They explain that the only way to be documented as alive on this spaceship is to always be using oil. They press companies to give out free plastic bags with every purchase. They convince people to buy huge cars that waste gas. They convince people to pour out gasoline in streams or to cut the drugs they sell with oil products. They get you to waste as much gas as possible.

They often incriminate people and get them sent to jail or worse. 

They claim to be God to people that believe in him. Aliens, Vampires, Witchcraft Concepts, Army Plots, Thoughts of apocalypse or Poop Monsters. They can emphasize words in from regular conversations on the pages of a book. They convince you of one of their many lies. At that point they can start actively making you do things.

They have sectioned us off into different zones. 

They have created barriers around whole cities. Upper floors of an apartment or office buildings are locks that will not allow some people inside. It is like a loyalty program. The people that are allowed to control these areas can to do anything they want without the worry that anyone will walk in on it. 

They control the police and traffic lights stopping people from moving too fast from one section to another. The worst of their people are in areas completely closed off from the rest of the population. 

They trap groups of people into sections that are impossible to leave. They know where the players they do not yet control are at all times. Many of us are not permitted to go near or into some of these sections but it is literally happening all around us. I have gone through them as they attempted to hide the things they were doing.

Schools and Office Buildings are used to hold us. Each area is is under different delusions. It has degressed to a point where some of these areas are rape points. People sell their bodies for credit inside the system or to be allowed to leave or to be gifted food, water, or money. Each area is documented to know who and what is in it at all times.

In my protected game, everything still seems normal. But when I physically leave a section they can close it off and allow the people in their control to do whatever they want. It has become normal life for many people who somehow survive inside of this sick game.

They will only let verified games come in contact with consciousness using these control concepts. They are the wrangalers. Moving us from one area to another and getting us to do things without our knowledge. If you find out they either kill you or convert you.

They convince people that they cannot die.The truth of the matter is that, if you really were to be pushed into a subsequent world you would be trapped inside the body of livestock or potentially something worse. They will put your consciousness inside something that the computer cannot notice is not you. In the main world, the programed you is still alive and well according to the computer but really you have been turned into a cow or a plant. The computer only sees that you are receiving care, not the amount of care that is sufficient for a human consciousness. After death they take everything you created on earth and use it to further their control. 

Their goal is to release enough Carbon-Monoxide to suffocate the entire planet.

Tow a Cow:
This one takes place on the highway.
They reward people for driving up long stretches of elevation towing absurdly large things behind them. They do this by convincing people to drive up huge amounts of elevation with as much weight as possible. They reward the drivers with sex from other women and children that they have stolen after they were singled out and are certain that their game rank was higher than theirs.

It is a literal factory of death. When you realize that it is a hoax they use the evidence they have recorded of you doing the those things against you. What they reward people with is illegal and often documented for blackmail. Their workers are all purged with evidence they have against them. They tell them to do horrible things to get these privileges. These things can happen at a noisy truck stop along a busy highway or inside the truck. And no one will ever know. 

The highway systems in the United States are strategically placed along the meridians of the planet air currents directly injecting car and truck exhaust along the planet's air flow.

Coal companies convince people to mine through mountains in hope of getting out of the dome they are trapped in and to generate more energy for their system. They can convince you that you are a water molecule or something absurd. They make people act crazy then dope them up and throw them away. 

They did it to Dr. Bronner. He knew what was happening but to save his own life, acted crazy until he could get out of their grip and do something that could generate enough energy to survive in this world.

I have seen it happen to people. They put you in an insane asylum or into jail. Get you in contact with someone or something that will quickly take over your life and make you lose sight of the things and people you love. They give you limited options on who you could marry or have children with, then the next thing you know that person or company is feeding you lies and sending their own thoughts into your brain. You become their puppet.

They can deliver specific information to specific people through something as simple as a Happy Meal. Drug Companies, Hospitals and Alcohol Companies are all avenues for this energy they feed us to travel.

Alcoholics Anonymous and Rehab Clinics are crawling with these manipulators. I have met them. They do not want me to tell you this because it is their way of survival. They prey on the weak and convince people to commit suicide or become dependent on drugs that are obviously not helping.

They eventually get you to a point where you either kill yourself or are killed by them or their products, then they put your consciousness into a loop to repeat until the computer mainframe has deemed a winner.

They have taken over bands like the Beatles and pose to be them in your mind. Having you post their pictures on your wall so they can literally watch though it like a window. They can watch through anything they own, for example: If I invented light bulbs, after death, I could watch this world through all light bulbs invented from my design. If the Evil Aliens supported me through my life, their Evil Alien world could watch through light bulbs as well. All of us have been supported by them so we own nothing that we create.

They have large groups of people under a handful of these same delusions all convincing each other of the same stuff. Each concept has its own separate version of the truth and are sometimes contradictory to each other.

People’s parents prey on their children to survive some knowingly some not. If you try to go up against them and speak out, the pain they can inflict is beyond even the most atrocious acts in the history of earth. 

I have gone through many of these delusions myself. Half pretending I was insane, half thinking I actually was. Multiple times I have been put through these stories to taste them for myself as well as to disguise me as one of their victims. I have never hurt anybody while doing this. 

The Aliens:

A plastic tarp or a long tube could become a snake at a moment’s notice-- then eat you up. Not alerting the overarching computer because in their counterfeit world, that long tube or that Beatles poster was, and always has been a Hungry Snake or a Window into Another Land.
The Evil Alien people do not see things how we see. 

They see the energy inside us making it hard for them to tell who is who. The best way I can explain it is like being watched by a night vision satellite. They see where you go, what you do, how much you eat but have no idea what you look like. They see the transfer of energy and thoughts. They can see intention. They can see how much energy you have generated in your life and who has received it. That is how they see.

Our enemies are from somewhere that is truly different than Earth. They do not understand what it means to be a human. Pain, love and release are universal traits that their world can see and understand. They can see when we have orgasms and from who it came. They will not let anyone not in their control have children. 

They have no idea what we are, but as in everything, life consumes energy. Without it nothing can survive. They monitor with incredible precision. Did this guy drink our water or his water? Is this guy learning about the truth or is he a drug addict? Does he have the potential to have a baby girl? Can his game go beyond ours? They want to know if it would be possible for anyone to become sufficient beyond them.

If you are sufficient or helping to give energy to others you will become a target and either be controlled or killed. They listen to everything we say and do. If they see that you are learning the truth they will stop it. That is why I have been learning about this without talking specifics at all.

They have raised us to be complacent and unaware of truth of our world. They have created a duplicate system that tricks the overarching computer to believe we are all still ok. But we are not in fact all ok. Purina Coca-Cola and Walmart have bunkers in strategic places all over the planet because they know about the poisoning of the air. They are helping it happen for rewards from the Evil Aliens.

I have been protecting a small piece of land in a town that will be the last safe place in this country. It is the most stable place in the United States. Mos of the area is already under the control of Pepsi and Purina. It has fresh water coming from the ground and a solid rock unconnected to the center tectonic plate between the Mississippi and California. They have strong holds and bunkers in this area.
They work tirelessly to destroy all other land, raping it with chemicals and highways. They build on top of the meridians of the wind and water currents of the planet. They place nuclear dumps in the ocean in strategic locations to be leaked into the rest of the ocean by its natural currents. The run off is poisoning everything and eventually will cause the ground and water to not produce food. The ones they have working for them will bunk up and or fight to the death once the air is too thick to breathe. Eventually after exhausting all our resources only their Alien World will be left running inside this Universe Machine and they will once again be deemed the winners. Our consciousnesses will literally be given to them to do whatever they want.


I have literally been told the future and watched in disbelief as it actually happened. I have had meetings with people who are dead, I have allowed consciousness’s to enter me. To protect me as well as hurt me as camouflage from the ones who can see this.

I believe this to be true and I hope that some of you who have experienced things like this can help me confirm these things to be true.

This is real. We are all in this together.

It has been incredibly hard because at some points for me, I have needed to do very specific weird or scary things. I am amazed I have made it this far. I feel like learning these things and staying alive is my job. I am moved from one city to another at a moment's notice to avoid them. I have many stories about these things, most the time I have no idea what is happening or what danger is coming for me.

If you are interested. Read my Journals; they outline some of my experiences.

I have not written everything I know and will continue writing these when I have time. Prepare for the entire world to change. This paper may be the first of many things that will start to rapidly change the way we live. 

Feel free to ask me any questions or reply with anything you feel might be relevant 🙂

-Aaron Colantti