'Underground Network Alternative Communication' 

This is my Life

This is my life.

I’m a little on edge. You might have heard stories about me acting weird or having a hard time. I am now slowly starting to be able to talk about my experiences in a rational way. I just need to chill out. I’ve built up a lot of stress learning about these things as well as some traumatic situations I went through within the last few years.

I was having weird dreams, communicating telepathically to my dad and my friends. Before I made the decision to move back in with my parents around two years ago. I was living in a house I had recently bought, and was going through some major changes in my life. The way I was perceiving the world around me was starting to change.

I had done a street drug at a party, it was on Thanksgiving 2015. I was literally hearing voices and things flying around my head. For weeks after I had ingested the drug I was still hallucinating, but the weird thing is, these intuitions I was having had started months before I even took the drug. It wasn't until the the drug put those thoughts on overdrive that I started to panic. During this time multiple people came to my house and communicated to me through my mind. I was aware of something supernatural but at that point had no idea what was going on. As things got weirder and more intense, the weather got colder and despite my condition we decided to have a party. This was when I was told that in the future I was going to be married to the girl that I now refer to as my ‘dead girlfriend’.

Around that time, my boss, Allan Brill from the Store Zimmerman Dry Goods asked to bring me grocery shopping. He guided me to different foods. He helped bring the groceries into my new house. He started to act really weird. He would look really intently at things before we bought them. He had this new found interest in me after I started feeling these weird things. He started to try to convince me to do stuff. It was a weird creepy interest. Somehow he gave me the idea to get a plane ticket and go to Hawaii. He hovered over the work computer as I looked up flights. He suddenly suggested that me and him should have sex. I had known him for years and that had never come up. I laughed, shrugged it off, then went home. That’s when things started to get really weird in my head. What the fuck was happening?

I was at home sitting on the couch. I started to feel this weird pressure from behind me, I turned around, opened the shade of the window, and saw a dog taking a shit. It was like I could feel the things and people around me. Their feelings. That night I started to really panic. I did not know what was happening. I was convinced I needed to leave. I bought 2 tickets to Hawaii impulsively at 2 am. One for me, one for my roommate. The next day I went into work expecting to leave for hawaii later that week.

My boss asked me to wear his sweater. I did. It gave me weird sadistic thoughts. I wanted to puke. I felt really weird. I went out to shovel snow in the back parking lot. During the process, an employee of the Patagonia store down the block walked outside to put out the trash in the dumpster. I looked up from where I was shoveling and he looked back at me. He stopped, gave me a serious face, then walked back inside.

Then, like magic I had this overwhelming feeling of dred. Something, somehow was very very wrong. I went inside and tried to breath. I felt this energy pulse through me, as if all the people in the world were trying to send me a message. It was unexplainable the amplitude of the feeling I felt at that moment. My heart was racing, my palms were sweating.

The plane trip was a trap! I needed to refund the tickets and for some reason I needed to do it immediately! I went inside, logged in to my email, figured out how to refund my ticket then literally, the moment after I did that, without even telling him I had done it, my boss started to act all nervous and pace back and forth saying he needed to find his keys and he needed to go somewhere. He came back minutes later with this weird jewish looking guy that I had never seen before. They were both just staring at me with these messed up expressions on their face, blocking the front exit. I was in the other room behind the one they were in near another employee, my friend, who was working on a screen printing press printing shirts. He knew something was weird.

I asked him ‘what the fuck is happening?’ he said, ‘You should get to your house as soon as you humanly possible, cockroaches are real.’ I left through the back door without my coat. I never went back there. Until recently. But you will have to keep reading to hear about that.

After a few weeks of walking around my new house crying in the shower every morning hearing and feeling things I never had felt before. Having conversations in my mind with my roommate and the friends that came over. I came to the conclusion that I needed to go live at my parents because I had obviously gone insane.

From December of 2015 to around July 3rd 2016 I spent every waking moment at my parents house locked in a room with the shades down. I ate mainly eggs. I would wait in my room all day until my dad would came home. I would go down stairs, watch the nightly news, make a very separate dinner then go back up to my room to read. I was paranoid about everything. I never took showers and was scared to flush the toilet. I needed to know everything about what I ate, who cooked it and where it was purchased from. Sometimes different foods would intensify my dreams or change my mood drastically. I would not not poop for weeks in fear that my excrement would give them my whereabouts, it really hurt my tummy.

I read books for hours on end in a room that used to be my sisters. I never used the internet or the phone. I had completely isolated myself. For the first few weeks I forced myself to masturbate to men which is not my sexual preference because I thought it was saving me from something. A story was slowly forming in my head. It was like I was being taught something. Like I was being protected by something. I was being taught how to talk without words, and that there was something horrible happening. I needed to pull myself out of this weird underworld that I had fallen into.

I was being taught about powerful beings that lived in the city. Someone or something had the authority to kill me and there was going to be some sort of horrible disaster that would take place in Minneapolis. For a while I was under the delusion that the bomb would be dropped and I would need to literally need to go pull people out of the rubble.

During those months, I was convinced that I was going crazy. I completely gave up any drugs and alcohol between November 2015 and late Summer 2016. I would only leave the house with my dad. Mostly to go to the grocery store but sometimes I would accompany him on business trips to Pipestone, MN where I thought I was going to meet my dead girlfriend in one of her other bodies. I didn’t really know what was going on but I was starting to see a tangent.

I would never leave the house alone. As the months went on, my delusions did not stop but instead became more focused. It felt like something supernatural was happening but it didn't feel like a drug residual, more like I was being told I needed hide from something that could take my soul, and that what was happening was very important. I was not in pain but more just scared. I began to feel semi ok with the thoughts I was having. I was convinced that my roommate, my dad, and my friend Erik had all been confirming these things, in a very subtle way. Never vocally, but I had been doing it for years semiconsciously. At this point, it was undeniable. One time I broke down to my dad. I couldn’t understand why we had to keep talking in code. I asked my why and his answer was: ‘it only knows what you tell it.’

So then I understood, we could talk, but we couldn’t let whoever was listening know what we were talking about. I didn’t feel crazy, it all felt in context and rationale. I thought, maybe I am supposed to act crazy so the people listening can’t tell what they are teaching me. I also thought, I’m pretty sure I’m going crazy.

Nonetheless, the things I was thinking and doing were very weird. I was worried about my mental health. As well as the idea that my thoughts were correct. I decided to play ball and publically justify the time I had spent in isolation at my parents house. We went to bunch of doctors so it looked like I had just gone crazy. We would find absurd reasons to go to different doctors or apply to different health programs. I went to many doctors, all of whom immediately prescribed me medicine without much communication at all. They gave me medicine for schizophrenia, bi polar as well a few other drugs for other crazy things that, in my opinion they had no basis to give me. They would ask me things like; ‘Are you hearing voices?’ I would say ‘No’ And I wasn't lying. 

We went to doctors all over the state. They would talk to me for moments before prescribing me very powerful drugs that did not fit my symptoms. I went to over 6 different doctors and some of them multiple times. I tried taking the drugs they prescribed then stopped because they just made it hard to breath and I made me tired all the time. I decided attended a two week natural medicine retreat. I needed to get out of my parents house. I needed to have contact with someone other than just my dad. By this point I was certain that, what was happening to me, was not from the drug I had taken. Something was inside me. Something was communicating with me. I was told the future. And then it happened.

As the communication with these spirits inside me became easier to decipher the more I understood. Finally, when they gave the go ahead, I broke free of my parents house, and dove back into my social life. I was finally back in my house. I started looking for a job and working on the house. We lived upstairs in one room for weeks while the downstairs area was under construction. 

I slowly got back to a point where I could do normal things like go on the computer or meet up with friends. I even got a job. Some people moved into my house and took over giving me the lessons and communication cues that my dad had been doing while staying at him at my parents house. I would have been alone in an empty house if it Peter hadn't moved in with me, We slept in a cramped plastic wrapped room while the rest of the house was under construction. We had no kitchen and practivally slept in the same room. The house improved and finally we moved in to the rooms that were made available after the house was semi-safe to walk around in. 

A select few friend would give me lessons about this Computer World as well as different tactics the aggressors used to control people. It was a scary concept but I started feeling safe with the idea that what I was perceiving was actually real. The lessons were very hard to understand. The communication would be very cryptic and it would take me days to understand each piece of this very complicated story.

Every day I would learn more but it was very frustrating how confusing it all was. Telepathic communication mixed with verbal coded cues was how it worked. I would think something and if I were correct, they would repeat the story to confirm or use code words to confirm or deny my thoughts. Eventually we got pretty efficient at it. Most days Peter would be my teacher. Also Jenna, Erik, Amanda, Sip and Uriah and a few more..

I was taught at work, at home, and sometimes even in my dreams. Most days I would wake up, do a short lesson at breakfast, go to work for a long lesson, then have another one or two after I got home. Multiple people were in on it, it became my whole life. I got good at monitoring my thoughts then matching them up with the actions of my teachers. I would get confused sometimes and need to confirm what I was being taught, they would repeat it but since it was all in code, I could never be completely sure about anything until I confirmed it with more than one of my teachers. Over time I started to put things together to a point that I am at today, totally committed. It became my job.

Since then everything and everywhere I go is part of an orchestrated plan. I am escorted to different towns or states, given tickets to take plane trips across the world. Things have been getting pretty weird and at this point, for me at least, it is undeniable. If I keep writing, the more sense this will make. I have a lot more to say about how and why I have formed these opinions. 

I just wanted to come back to Earth for a second and tell you all that I am aware that what I am doing is quite odd and abrasive. I have logical reasons why I think these things and I am getting closer and closer to a point where these things could be proven. I will prove these things I am writing, if it’s the last thing I do. I am not an irrational person. These things make sense. Just keep reading.

On a personal note, sharing this personal stuff is hard to do, and inevitably involves other people. I don’t want my personal life to be taken advantage of but at the same time, I think it is worth it to let you all what we are dealing with. I know my words affect people. I truly believe some seriously serious things are going on, and am fully aware that these things I am saying sound crazy. And it gets even crazier. 

Stay Tuned … I’m just getting started.
Sept 12 2017 - Aaron Colantti - Midwest Love News