'Underground Network Alternative Communication' 

I'm Sorry


Were gonna go back in time now.

Not too far 

Just a lil. 

I was stuck in Minneapolis, working double shifts in winter. It was cold. Ice cold. My manager was cool. My friends were awesome. My city was bumpin. I was just getting back to being a regular person because the year before I had lost my gourd and had to live at my parents for a while. Thats a whole story in itself. But as the crazy became normal I was ready for the next level. Reality. 

I was certain, no I’m not going crazy, this shit is real. 

It became spring time and I was summond to Africa. ‘Africa sounds cool’ I said to my self. But really was thinking ‘fuck I don’t wanna go to Africa I wanna marry this other girl, settle down and become boring like all you old people. But ok I guess I’m going to Cairo. ‘

The ticket was paid in advance so why not I thought, and at least if I go to Africa I might be able to figure out what all these crazy shit is all about. From that point on, all I could think about was Cairo. I was desperate to learn the true truth about the world and I would go anywhere to do so. So after waiting a few months I was finally on my way. 

When I finally got to Cairo after a few layovers I was picked up by my good friend and two others. We drove back to her house after getting chicken and smoking some shish-a at a cool street spot next to a liquor store and a place called ‘The Kidney Center.’

First things first. This is a computer game. Second. ‘I am you’re girl friend in another one of her many bodies’ Third, Everyone here is on crack and thinks were in a space ship because all the companies in Cairo are telling people that. 

‘Ok’ I said. Then we went to a plant show in a cool looking park with a pond that was located in the middle of the city. We looked at bonsais and I bought a weird looking plant. I don’t know why but I think it was important. We also stopped at a police station. I often stop by police stuff because they are in power and probably doing fucked up shit. 

The next day I met some people and did some stuff. I was getting tired of just following them around and I was starting to doubt my mind. Was this really my dead girl friend in one of her many bodies??? I don’t wanna follow these boring girls around, I want to explore this crazy city.

But they wouldn’t let me leave. 

Is this real? Whats happening? Can I have a hug, I feel so alone! I just want love. 

No she said, you have a long journey ahead of you and you still need to learn a lot. I practically started to cry. I have already been doing a lot and I don’t understand. I can’t handle it any more I thought inside my head. I was fighting back tears. We left the chocolate shop we were at and grabbed a cab to meet her friend at another chicken place. I guess she really likes chicken.

Our table was on a really busy corner over looking a street that looked like a slowly moving parking lot. At that point I just wanted to go back home and I didn’t wanna meet anybody. I was almost in tears. I had already been freaking balls for almost 2 years and all I wanted was for this shit to end…and a damn hug. 

Thats when I met Kendrick Lamar. 

Apparently he has many bodies too. ‘You are a computer’ he told me just by arriving. No words necessary. (He is really good at word play so it was kind of ironic. )

I just couldn’t handle any of it and I didn’t wanna be there. I was like;
I need to go. I want to go back, I can’t stay here. I wasn’t even concerned about the fact that I am part of a video game, I was sad because I wanted love. I don’t wanna deal with shit. Why? I just wanna be nice to people and chill. 

We went back with Kendrick in a cab then I stopped behind a tree to cry.
I just want to be alone I said. But alas I can’t be alone in a city like that. We went up the stairs and that is when he decided to leave.

‘I’m Sorry’ I said as he walked past me down the stairs.

Thats when I realized who he was.

The next night we drove to the pyramids, they were not lit and it was hood as fuck. We peeked through a hole in door into a yard filled with animals. The tourist industry has been lacking since America became racist. They had animals for towing tourists but when the industry dried up they were forced to kill hundreds of them. 

The hole we were looking though was one of the only places left still caring for the animals. 

Animals have feelings too. 

So we went back to the city. Our cab driver was awesome, he was driving us around all night. If I ever see him again I’m gonna give much love. We picked up some slices of green cake then went to a super fancy hotel and ate by the water. The railing we sat by had silver Cranes on it, the floor of the lobby had a picture of a Compass. I know someone who has tattoos like that. 

It was a sign. 

Even though my ticket back was not for another 12 days, we booked another ticket on a different airline and I left the next morning @ 4am. For the next 3 days I lived on planes and airports. 

When I got home I was in worse shape than when I left. Shit was getting real. 

But at least I met Kendrick Lamar.