'Underground Network Alternative Communication' 

Denver and Wisconsin

Moving to the Idea Factory Part 2
After leaving Denver I stopped at a random pile of gravel to pee. When I pulled out 2 SUV Cops rushed to the parking lot where I peed and looked at me weird. I lit a cig. They didn't pull me over. 

I was on my way to Kings River, CA when I stopped in Durango for the night. Immediately after I stopped at the local Subway Sandwich Shop 3 aggressive looking police cars swarmed the parking lot and ran in to the store after me. They looked at me perplexed as if they were expecting to find someone or something different. They watched me order my food then I left. 

I was looking for a place to sleep so I went to the Walmart and bought some chapstick. I was just chilling next to all these campers smoking weed when I saw a Mountain Lion. It was little baby. Then I was looking around and I realized that cops were all around me like off in the distance of the lot… I was like fuck, maybe I’m not gonna make it to Cali. I wasn’t doing anything illegal since it is legal to smoke weed in Colorado but still the cops were DEFINITELY following me around town… and the state. 

On the way back a semi truck swerved in to my lane. It seamed like they were trying to check me off the road but maybe it was a accident. 

So I left. I was like fuck it ill just go back to Viroqua and work on the Idea Factory and maybe some people will come meet me. So I drove like 24 hours straight on the wrong roads. A Duck was flying by and I hit it with my windshield going like 80 miles per hour. It was a loud sound but I didn't really know how to react, so I just said 'DAMN that was crazy!' .

And it was. 

I got to the Idea Factory at like Midnight or 1 am or so. I slept. When I woke up I drove to the Co Op for breakfast to post the picture of a Bride being Peed on by a ghost. Me and Erik found it in the wall when we ripped out the kitchen. 

I posted it as my profile picture then went back to the cabin in the woods. I worked on some carpentry projects and slowly it got dark. The Polaroid was in my car with 2 other Polaroids and my $1,300 lap top computer, a credit card and some cash. 

I was super alone, the nearest house is like a 10 minute drive or a 30-40 min walk since the bridge is out. It is in a valley so you can pretty much bet ur on your own, and there is no cell service... even if my phone was working.

I had this weird feeling I was not alone. I went inside because of this feeling I had.. a feeling of urgency, and fear. 

Then I heard someone climb on to the back porch and try to open the door. They didn't say anything. I was glad I locked it because I never do.

I barricaded myself upstairs with a broken bed frame and a hand rail I tore off the wall. Then covered it with sleeping bags. I made alarms with cans of beans that I opened with the knife I was holding so they would fall if anyone tried to get up there.

I had to pee into a bottle and a plastic bag. They wouldn't leave. My ears were ringing loudly for like 20 minutes and I couldn't tell if it was just because I was scared or what.. maybe my brain broke. I rubbed the bottom on my ears and smoked cigs. It helped. 

I put the pee on top of the barricade so it would fall on them if they came up. 

They tried the door every 20 min or so then go back to swinging in the hammock, all the while saying NOTHING. I thought they might use a ladder to get through the upstairs window so I covered that up with a pillow case and strapped a open can of beans to the window with a telephone chord. 

I could hear them rocking on the hammock. They would get up once and a while and just walk back and forth. ALL THE LIGHTS WERE ON AND IT WAS OBVIOUS I WAS INSIDE. They walked back and forth for literally over 10 hours through the night then in to the day. THERE IS NO ONE AROUND THOSE PARTS. 

I heard the door to my car open. The windows were a bit cracked because I picked up smoking again. 

I wanted to let it air out a bit. 

They were swinging on the hammock and walking back and forth from like 11pm to 1 pm. It was so fucking scary. I slept with my shoes on and a knife in my hand. My heart was racing the whole time and I just tried to stay calm and not make to much noise and just hope they would leave. I think it was the scariest thing that has ever happened to me. 

At around 2 pm I had not heard them move for a while so I ran to my car and drove as fast as I could away, I left all my shit. 

When I got tot the city I wanted to get a better picture of the Polaroid at Kinkos; The picture of the Bride being peed on by a ghost. 

Thats when I realized,
it was gone.

They didn’t take the other pictures, my money, or my computer. JUST THAT SCARY PICTURE. They must have walked through the woods because I never heard a car. It's been a weird few days.

My poop looks like I’m stressed out.
See picture below for reference. (of the ghost bride, not my poop)

(note: I later found the picture, it had not been stolen. Maybe none of it happened or maybe only that specific detail was wrong... I guess we will never know. One this I do know is I did find the picture a few weeks later after writing this)