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I'm Weird

 I'm Weird

Ya, so now

I'm still 



But it is starting to look up now that I have learned some magic spells to alleviate some of the stress I have built up over the last year or so of these escapades. 

With in the past year or so I have been to Colorado, New York, Niagara Falls, Ann Arbor Michigan, Detroit, Italy, Pipe Stone 4 times, Paris France, Canada, Germany, Egypt and back and forth to and from Viroqua like a billion times. I am probably even forgetting some of the places because at this point, I HAVE NO HOME. 

I have been learning, as well as running. Running for my safety as well as from my self. I am learning A LOT. 

It is becumming weird. For the past few days I have been trying to get over all this seriously messed up stuff I witnessed while driving up CHEESE MOUNTAIN as well as just trying (with all my strength) to withstand what at the time felt like the ENTIRE FUCKING GALAXY… and truly might have been.

A few meals, and a bit O weed later we were headed up the side of another mountain with a even higher elevation. 

After spending the day at a state park, we made our way to a secret hideout on top of a mountain peek. We drove up the long winding gravel road then past two security gates and a squad of soldiers we were finally inside a place of refuge. 

A wolf army. 

The Gas People thought we were going up the hill to further purger myself or something which is why they let us up there, but really what we were doing was much more happy and positive. 

Since we already have a baby in the oven , 
now we can go all over the place looking for contact points to secret underworlds and help them regain their power and resources. helping other people in subsequent levels do fun stuff in their video game… with out alerting the evil empire of oil. 

We helped some other people in other worlds do some important stuff.
I’m kinda confused how to explain it with candor…. or at all really, 
But to put it simply, we covered up their orgasms with our organisms. It was fun because this was the first time in a long while I got to spend some alone time with my dead girlfriend in one of her many bodies.

I can’t really explain it very well. Ill give it shot later. Once I get to the next outpost where I will wait for the storm to blow over. 

But ya, because we went there and did that stuff
Three new kids are gonna be borned. 
(Spelling mistake intentional) 

And no I am not insane and no I did not have sex with 3 people or go to some crazy gang bang. I AM A WHOLESOME PERSON. Me and my girl friend/ fiancé are wholesome level headed people with jobs and cars and computers and nice first world problems. You think I’m crazy but just you wait. Just you wait until I post my next journal and some of this stuff starts to make a little bit more sense. 

The story will continue. 

So stay tuned you weird robot people. I HAVE A LOT MORE TO SAY and I just got a new laptop and a Vistabule camper thing. So ya. Cool. 

I just sick of not talking about all this shit just because people might think I’m weird. SO THE FUCK WHAT. IM WEIRD. 


Just read my fucking story.