'Underground Network Alternative Communication' 

Witches Tower

I had the craziest dream.

I was in the witches tower with this guy I know. He is a black guy I met in highschool. We were trying to board up the hole we climbed up from. A long ladder down to the ground that came up through the middle of the tower. Someone was coming. 

We were really high up and I was worried. 'Is someone coming? Are we ok? ' he told me we would be ok for about a half an hour. 

I thought the hole was all blocked up but when I checked it was operable. Smoke was coming out. 

I followed him outside and away from the hole. We climbed down off the top of some buildings and off of the tower. To a place that looked like a European city corner bank.

Sitting on the steps were two little girls laughing with a disturbing echo. 

I introduced myself to them then we all went inside. The girls were giggling like creepy ghosts. It was very vivid and I could hear it as if I were really there. I rarely have dreams with audio like that. 

Then we were in a glass room. A contained lounge. To my left was a girl my age with short hair. 

It was like a smoke shop or something. We were talking and the little girls were with us too, they kept laughing creepily. 

The short light haired girl turned to me and said, ‘if you wake her up and take her away from her work she will die.’ 

I asked 'what did she mean by that?' 

Two other people appeared or maybe they were already there, idk. They said, ' I don't think if she even knows what she means by that, I don't think anybody does.'

They were wearing creepy masks that looked royal but also scary. 

They told me they were Spanish Americans and that they had been alive from 1648 to 1908 then they started laughing like it was a joke. I woke up then.

I was thinking that the short haired girl was talking about who was sleeping next to me. I had a feeling that the short haired girl was lying to me for some reason. Maybe because the powerful looking guys with the White Gold and Red Teeth Masks were so serious and powerful looking. The masks didn't have eyes in them just indents where the eyeballs would have been. 

I remember the teeth. Like a painted smile over a tight white plastic wrapping. They looked like kings or something. I think they were wearing fur hats with symbols on top and cloaks that were the same color as the masks but less like plastic and more like fur. 

It was like they needed to convince me to wake up. For all of our sakes. They had a humorous laugh, I trusted them even though they looked scarier than the girl who told me not to wake up or wake 'Her' up from her work. 

1645 to 1910 would be a damn long time to be alive. Maybe they were just ghosts from two different time periods, idk. There were two of them. 

The little girls were still there giggling with a disturbing echo. They were obviously ghosts. Someone was in the background working behind the glass as well but I couldn't see them very well. He looked like a cab driver I met in Cairo. 

Once I woke up, I smoked a cigarette. I peed then flushed the toilet. Then I decided to wake the sleeping girl next to me because the dream freaked me out so much. 

I thought maybe someone was trying to kill her in her other world while she slept. She can never sleep, I swear she’s always up when I go to bed and she’s always awake when I wake up. Its like she’s scared to sleep or maybe I'm just lazy and sleep too much. 

Do ghosts lie? I think they do. I think some ghosts just don’t give a fuck about anyone but them selves. And as I think about it more I think the short haired girl was trying to get me to stay sleeping. Or at least to not bring 'her' back to my world. This world. 

Maybe those Spanish Americans were torchured so much in their worlds that they don't give a shit what the Bad Alien people are going to do to them for helping me wake up from that crazy dream.

I think ghosts lie all the time to get you to do what they want you to do or what they need you to do for them to stay alive or get resources in their own worlds.

The dream was SO SO SO vivid. Definitely the most vivid dream I have ever had. 

It was the first time I saw what my dead girlfriend tells me about; the scary laughing kids, the dead cheer leaders, the people standing next to us as we smoke cigarettes outside the men on the roof while we drive. 

I always believed it but now I have seen it for myself in my sleep. 

I understand the cunning and power they poses. It is unlike our world because they are dead but still alive. Forced to hold our consciousness hostage for their pleasure or for other reasons laid out in what I have been writing. 

I am under the impression that I am being followed because of what I know and what I am writing. 

Maybe someone is coming for me right now and those creepy masked Spanish Americans just saved my life. 

It would be the first time someone came to get me in the middle of the night. 

The ghosts can make deals from their world to ours. They can communicate through time an space. If I let you do this here, you need to do this there. I think that I need to be awake right now. Maybe a real person is here outside coming to kill me because of the book I am writing. Maybe they were punishing her in her world for what she has helped the rebel world teach me. 

They want to stop me from telling you that we live in a computer game. 

Other things as well. Like that they are trying to get us to suffocate our world with carbon-monoxide so they can win 'the game'. 

I think those Spanish Americans saved someone’s life. Maybe mine, maybe hers. Idk. 

I heard their voices so vividly but could not feel anything. She tells me she can feel it. I think they can hurt her in their world but not in mine. Weird shits been happening lately. 

My world is verified by the computer. Those worlds are not. By design. 

I think the dream was a warning for what was about to happen if i did not wake up and post this for you to see. Here. Now.

That is why I am posting this at 3 am in the morning. 

The other worlds are scary places that can really hurt you. From their world to ours. And once you die. You are alive again in their world. To lie like that Short Haired Girl did to save her own ass.

I am worried about my friends at home and what they have to go through every night. I can see it in their eyes, that they have not slept. But why not? They don’t go out at night or have things to do deep in the night. I think they can not talk about these things. 

I saw these ghosts with my own eyes… even though they were closed. Maybe I'm crazy but that was the scariest fucking dream I have ever had. 

If someone is killed here tonight. Maybe that’s the proof you all need. Find my book. It is in my email history, my computer at home, my girl friends computer, my phone and written in a few notebooks around the country. I have also emailed the rough copy to a few of my friends in different countries as a safety precaution. It is not finished but it has a lot of crazy information init. Information it has taken me over 3 years to learn in secret. 

If it turns out that I'm just going Mad, at least it is a good story and writing it kept me from freaking out.

I am happy. This is not a cry for help. I just want to say it how it is because I'm sick of ignoring it. 

The dream was pretty scary but at least I got to smoke two damn good cigarettes. 

American Spirits.