'Underground Network Alternative Communication' 

St. Marks Head

Secure ur oxygen mask before helping others. 

I had to leave town because I think I'm causing a pandemonium... I swam in a lake with an alligator to get safe passage to Denver. Its a long story: 


Alligator in Jersey County Lake. 

Anything can happen where you can't see or hear inside. 
Its a video game. So if what you are doing can't be verified as true and they have a higher rank than you and if they are organized and powerful enough (like most religious organizations or hospitals) they can lock you away or steal you. 

This could happen in the upper floors of a building that you can't access or at a noisy truck stop along a busy highway. 

and no one will ever know. 

Amish People from Germany near La Cross are helping to traffic children through the video game levels by making locks in areas that live players can not enter. 

They can do things like put alligators in a body of water as long as no person with a higher rank/ game priority ever comes in to contact with it. 

Pies to sway your opinion. Sugar drugs or food can send information to you posing as your own thoughts. 

A rock originally from Bolder Colorado was moved to liberty pole Wisconsin. 

Do the math. Driftless Wisconsin has been the longest standing most stable tectonic plate in the history of the earth. There is cold clean water coming from under the rock that it rests on. They control that area and have some sort of bunker close to Westby Wisconsin. It is where they will wait for the air to clear up.

They are attempting to kill the planet by strategically placing highways along the meridians of the planet air currents directly injecting car and truck exhaust along the planets air flow. 

They do this by convincing people to drive up huge amounts of elevation with as much weight as possible. IT IS CALLED TOW A COW. 

They reward the drivers with sex from other woman and children that they have stolen after they were certain that their game rank was higher than the ones they have killed. 

Some people call them the UGA BUGGA.

No wind, no air, no life. 

It is a literal factory of death. And after you realize it is a hoax they use the evidence they have recorded of you doing the those things , little did you know it was a crime and that the space ship theory or what ever concept they used to enslave you was only a ruse to further their power. 

I have a dead girl friend that was killed by them when she was a kid. She possesses different woman. Sometime we have sex. I think somehow she is pregnant. 

The future is already written its just a matter of how it plays out within the absolutes. 

This factory helps them traffic sex, kill and rape people, 

make money, control countries

and also kill the planet. 

They are trying to kill me by getting me to purger myself. 

I am making a movie about it. Its gonna be crazy. Until then, I'll keep posting my journals upon thy internet.