'Underground Network Alternative Communication' 


Fuck. I the hate religious bigots that rule this country. But yet we all celebrate a holiday in their honor. Religious Bigots and Consumerism for everybody! On the radio and in your house! Its even in the busses. GOD BLESS. I think they might make more money with signs like that, (the panhandlers) ... maybe its because they are being slowly indoctrinated into believing in a god that is actually just a simple way to get you to do weird shit in some weird system that some crazy bigot is in charge of and patting them selves on the back for running. 
Because those losers and drug addicts have to try something.... and god helps right? Jobs at Goodwill and Salvation Army help right? Section 8 housing and Alcohol Anonymous. Lets get them back on their feet where they can work a real job like a Smash Burger or a Chipotle....Maybe even a Bank teller or if they get lucky a job in one of those weird nice buildings where some how everyone always has something to do but nothing ever changes.

We need to get them out in the world ringing a bell with a red hat on like a dunce cap. Outside in the snow, in front of a grocery store they cant even afford to by food at.
They wear helmets in the Salvation Army of bigots. No one survives. Not even the bigots.

So today, I'm alone sitting on my couch in some huge mess inside of a mess thats messing everything up for everyone. You tell me 'its not all about what you want' Ok fine. Then all of you can go off somewhere and ignore the fact that I put everything on the line to try to make shit better. Shit is so fucked up. Everyone is voiceless and bored celebrating holidays and lives we don't want! Personally, I rather live in an elf village.

What the fuck are we doing here in this trash heap any way? Biking around yelling at cars and doing dishes. I want to live in the woods in little cottages that are connected by dirt paths over grown with trees vines and bushes. Each path would be lit by a thin line of stars on a line over the path guiding the way through the misty and oxygen filled air.

A place where the hum of a motor would be a sound of warning. Where butterflies grow as big as birds and plants can talk.

This is not that place.