'Underground Network Alternative Communication' 

God Save The Queen

There are multiple worlds. There are multiple worlds in each world. Some worlds are, or will be in different time periods.

All worlds are connected by the future and the past. Time travel is possible. For sure forward time travel at the speed of time.

Time goes faster the faster you move. Though you cannot perceive it, if you were to launch your self into space and travel at light speed for only one earth year; your concept of time and your age would stay relative to your departure but upon arriving back to earth everything you knew would be old and deceased.

Time is relative. Relative to what?

Time is the capsule outside of which we cannot travel beyond. It is the furthest anything has gone in either direction. But could something beyond the furthest reaches of this time capsule come to us? Into our capsule of worlds upon worlds upon worlds of everything that is connected inside that reservation of space of which we cannot pierce its boundaries.  Time is the draw bridge on either side of Beginning and End. In the beginning; there was Everything. In the end; Everything was different. The flame of the candle was present before and after, the flame was blown out, the only difference is; the flame is gone.

Maybe we just aren’t ready. Maybe being ready takes hundreds of billions of years of incredible atrocities and foolish swells all leading to a point where we learn to no longer repeat those mistakes and create a peaceful and fruitful world community and home for ourselves out of random luck and eventually some system will fall in to place… but maybe it isn’t about that. When matter can become aware of its limitations and surroundings and starts to interact with in a positive or mutually beneficial outcome it is welcomed into its world. Maybe we don’t know as much as we think we do. 

Maybe we can recognize this moment and use what we have now to make a echo through that whole capsule that includes everything knowingly and unknowingly. In what ever time or world you live in.  Living in captivity, with no communication, don’t tell me we can’t at least make a loud noise? 

No working together, no giant team building exercise? Is nature to disgusting for us? Why couldn’t we hold that record for the furthest back and the furthest forward.

Maybe we could create more space here than is on the other sides of each of those draw bridges at end of time and invite them to be friends. Even if there is no one there, whats the harm in trying to expand as the conscious evolving matter that we are.  

Someone or something is in control of our environment, sometimes our thoughts, sometimes our actions. But in the end, in the big big big picture. It is what happens that determines the true course of history and future. Inside that time, in the capsule we are in as a group. We are matter evolving slowly on a planet in space into a form that in my opinion looks very similar to mold when looked at from space.

Maybe somebody, somewhere, is ever so patiently waiting for us to evolve into something that can access things that even the galaxies deepest libraries of knowledge have not yet had the freedom to access. It is all of our best interests to push for the answer to these queries even if their sole yield is passing the time and exploring each of our individual fascinations with life. 

What is Dark Matter?

Is it the silence and absence of something that once was structural matter energy, a crashed hard drive, a burnt out candle full of information and other worlds that once existed? Is it like dark ash in the the wind of the universe, in a metaphoric and literal tree of time containing billions of organisms, thinking computers, entities of thought and recognition;  different times; places, bridges, world, homes and memories and systems all littered through the branches of trees of time that were snuffed out by something for some reason. 

Something that is holding us back as an entirety. Even itself. Even in its most brutal and selfish desires it is holding itself back in entirety. It is mutually beneficial for all of us to understand that. 

We are off beat.

One day, maybe we might be Dark Matter too.But then again, I don’t really know what Dark Matter really is. I heard they made some new discoveries about it recently, I’m not an expert but I know it is something;

and something is Something.

But I don’t really know what that is other than after it becomes something, you need to capitalize the first letter of the word.

At least in this world.