'Underground Network Alternative Communication' 

Batch 32

The concept of living in a game. A game with a time line. With groups of coniousnesses let into the game at a time. All tangled over each other like a spider web of conquests that desire simply the resources to be alive and thrive in this world. Some of us, the ones unknowing, are gifted sums of money to continue living their life style inside of a world so dominated by its government, (a deeper government than that of Trump) that our each and every move is already so predictive that we can be cast aside and labeled as cogs with a more or less set path for the entirety of our lives.  We teeter along deep caverns like black holes that pull us inside to be taken and replaced by that of the prediction. Generation X batch 32 game 13 of USA erodes into the ocean. Whats next? This timeline has already happened, we the ones in this batch, should know, because some people, the ones in control, our real government, they know and they use our ignorance as a weapon to lure us in to their their black holes of confusion.