'Underground Network Alternative Communication' 

My Zoo

I’m writer, to I guess I have to write. I gotta do something. I’m just waiting. I guess that’s what life is, waiting. What else is there to do. I can buy food with money. I have money. I can get water from sink, I have sink. I can talk to my computer and fuck my phone but I only fuck my computer because it has a bigger screen. I could get chickens, or a horse, or a caribou coffee franchise, I could rent my house out for money and live in the woods or fly around to different countries… but what would that really solve? I have nothing, with a little more nothing than last week but nothing none the less but at least I have a home. It is becoming a home. A home in a computer zoo, but a home nonetheless. I love my computer zoo, my friends and my family. I like stuff. I’m just sick of the apathy and acceptance to this shit that we don’t really need. Can we at least agree on that? That there is some sort of untreated apathy that surrounds us daily. We are restricted and aggressed on daily by people and objects that we accept as reality but I don’t think it has to be that way. I can make a cloud of thought, a thought bubble, a puff of dragon smoke, a wave in a sea of consciousness. Does the internet dream>?